Miniature Knitting
by Helena  Bleeker
    Helena Bleeker 2008
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Friends Knitting Gallery
Have you knitted any Dolls Clothes from my patterns ??
Would you like to add a picture of the item to these pages ??
I am sure other visitors to this site would love to see them ! ! !
                               Please contact me ! ! !
   Helena Bleeker email:
Karen Holt
Karen knitted the Cable Jacket as  featured in DHMS
issue 139 using Venne Multicolour  No  8-3000.

Flora Pattern knitted by Hazel Kemp
Jolande Steentjes-Elizen
       Jolande made a great job
        of the Bell sleeve Bed jacket
           featured in DHMS 131
  Above beautiful knitting by  
  Marianne Pleij from Holland
Below 3 photos showing the fantastic work of IGMA Artisan
                   Helen Woods from New Zealand
"Kirsten" doll and dress made by Annemarie Kwikkel "Kirsten" by Annemarie Kwikkel Pansies miniature embroidery by Helena Bleeker
(On the right)
Odette 1/24 Wedding dress and
Barbara 1/12 Dressing gown both
beautifully knitted by Kathleen
   It's in the afternoon and  Kirsten is
working on her embroidery in the lounge
Her dress is made of red silk taffeta and silk brocade,
decorated with silk velvet and decorative silk bows.
The  pretty embroidery with three tiny pansies was
                    made by Helena Bleeker .
“Kirsten” made by Annemarie Kwikkel,
Doll maker and IGMA artisan from Holland
tiny pansies embroidery
     Made by Helena
Baby Christine but now in 1/24 scale
The three outfits below were beautifully knitted by Virginia Sullivan from Manchester
Kathryn Aitken from Glamorgan loves
knitting toys  and used Venne Wool for
the Owl and Monkey shown above.
Amelia Christening dress and underskirt
Josephine  Bieling from Florida
has just finished knitting this
beautiful “Bianca” Wedding dress
  Jane Stewart
Teddies Cutie and Tim
Sylvie the rabbit and Tina the turtle
Loves making animals using
 Venne Threads and not
many of these are above 3.5"
Jane who only makes about
12 a year finds good homes
       for all of them.
    Below “Beth” Travel kit pattern
and “Marilyn” (left) beautifully knitted by
     Elly de Draaijer from Holland
On the left “Nell” showing
Cardigan and Skirt knitted
by my dear friend Barbara
from the other side of the
border (Wales)  
Sylvia Baxter from the Cheltenham Dolls House Club
       knitted these outfits from my patterns
The Black Stocking Girls
Jubilee Party
Above Scarlet and Lorretta
   beautifully knitted by
       Martha from CA
Also by Martha Juliette
          and Dana
Ascot Group
    The photo’s above show the excellent knitting
     by Corrie from Veenendaal in the Netherlands
Bianca Wedding Dress. Beautifully
knitted in 1/12 scale by Corry entered
and winning 3 rd. Prize in the “Sisi
Competition” run by P&M magazine in
               issue 136
Below “Marigold” knitted by
   Marianne from Canada
Toddlers Alison and Desmond
The pictures below show the fantastic work by Corry from the North of The Netherlands
Sue Resseguie in turn has knitted
my “Louise”  adult doll pattern using
Colcoton 70/2 and very fine
needles, the pretty skirt and
boat neck jumper now fits a
Heidi Ott child
The shawl above was knitted by
Helena from a  pattern  designed
By Sue Resseguie  which was featured
in Miniature Collector March 2006
Sue Resseguie
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